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About Kite

Kite Realty Group is a full-service, vertically integrated real estate investment trust that provides communities with convenient and beneficial shopping experiences. Kite owns 115 shopping centers and retail properties totaling approximately 22.5 million square feet.


LeasePilot Configuration

Solution: Closer

Integrations: Salesforce, Proprietary XML

Assets Onboarded: 100+

Leasing Volume: 300-500 transactions per year

Kite Realty Group | Customer Profile

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Since March 2017, Kite has made significant improvements in increasing the efficiency of its leasing operations. These improvements include:

  • Reduced the average time from Landlord’s internal approval to Tenant signature
  • Reduced the time it takes to abstract leases from 4 hours per abstract on average to 30 minutes of review

In Kite's Words

Why did Kite adopt LeasePilot?

LeasePilot has allowed our Legal team to shorten the amount of time necessary to draft our initial lease. The ability to “drag and drop” standard clauses into our leases, along with the ability to make updates and changes to our clauses in a short period of time were also considerations.

What’s the top benefit you’ve seen so far?

Along with shortening the initial drafting cycle, our integration with MRI has provided the visibility to our Lease Administration team earlier in the process which has proven to be extremely beneficial.

What would you say to your peers considering LeasePilot?

The overall experience with the LeasePilot team has proven to be very positive and we look forward to a long partnership and expanding our current use of the platform to other parts of our organization.

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