Close Leases Faster at a fraction of the cost.

LeasePilot ® is a document automation platform specifically designed to streamline retail, office and industrial leasing.


LeasePilot combines document automation, word processing and user-centric interfaces into a single web-based platform expressly designed to radically accelerate the entire process of drafting and editing commercial leases, from a letter of intent through lease execution.

LeasePilot only uses your lease forms and your preferred language options so every lease is tailor-made for your organization, assets and tenants.


LeasePilot’s user interfaces are expressly designed for the purposes of creating, editing and managing your leases, ensuring LeasePilot is simple to use for everyone in your organization.

How It Works

LeasePilot’s onboarding team uses its deep legal expertise and our proprietary technology to quickly onboard a real estate company’s own forms and language options onto the LeasePilot platform.

Then, paralegals or other leasing team members use LeasePilot’s document automation tools to assemble even the most complex leases, while lawyers (in-house or outside) use LeasePilot’s word processing tools to customize any transaction based on unique deal circumstances or tenant edits.


For our customers using LeasePilot to streamline leasing means:



LeasePilot’s management team blends deep legal insights with the technological vision to deliver a revolutionary platform that is changing the way commercial leases get done.


LeasePilot has signifcantly cut the time it takes us to prepare first drafts of leases - down to less than 30 minutes for simple deals. This has also reduced the time it takes us to get leases into our tenants’ hands - in some cases we’re now able to send a lease to a tenant within a day of receiving a signed LOI.

C.H. Waterman

VP & Director, Legal


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