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It shouldn't take 90 days to close a commercial lease.

Using tools that weren’t built for the job can really drag things out. Use LeasePilot software to draft and revise your lease, and you’ll close weeks or even months sooner than you expect.

We’re real estate people. We get it.

Our founders started out as real estate lawyers and property managers. We know what a pain it can be to draft and revise a lease. That's why we built LeasePilot. Think of us as pain relief for inefficient commercial leasing.

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Generate a draft lease in minutes. Manage revisions painlessly.

You can draft and revise a commercial real estate lease with LeasePilot. We speed up the process from LOI to signed lease, no matter how many revisions and redlines it takes to get there.

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A reliably better lease as well.

Output your completed lease as a Word doc, a PDF, or an XML file. The final product will be error-free and formatted exactly as you want it. A working table of contents will be included as well.

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Faster leasing, faster revenue.

Want to see just how fast LeasePilot can move your lease from LOI to close? Schedule a demo today!
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Your leasing forms and language.
No templates.

LeasePilot works using the forms and language library you’ve worked hard to build. We’ll even help clean up your library as we get going. It’s your lease. It should be your language, too.

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Here’s our secret: everything is data.

LeasePilot's data-driven approach gives you more insight into your leasing process than you've had before. Integrate LeasePilot with your CRM or ERP and never run an abstract or re-key data again.

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Getting started. Easy for any retail, office, or industrial owner.

Effective onboarding is a big part of what makes LeasePilot work so well. Our team of legal and technical professionals will get you up and running quickly.

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Customer Testimonials


“LeasePilot has significantly cut down the time it takes us to prepare first drafts of leases – down to less than 30 minutes for simple deals. That has also reduced the time it takes us to get leases into our tenants’ hands.”

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Signing your lease faster creates instant value in your business.

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