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It shouldn’t take 90 days to close a commercial lease

Using antiquated tools slows the process down. LeasePilot is the only company improving the leasing process for all stakeholders by bringing a scalable, digital future to commercial leasing.

Draft a lease using your forms and language. Manage revisions painlessly.

LeasePilot’s context-aware automation dramatically accelerates your leasing workflow using the lease forms and language library you’ve worked hard to build. And with Version Control, managing redlines and multiple drafts is a breeze.

Our Customers

A few of the companies accelerating their commercial leasing process with LeasePilot.

Delivering ROI for more assets every day

Landlords are using LeasePilot to draft and negotiate leases in buildings across North America. Use the interactive map below to see more.

Harness the power of data

LeasePilot tracks over 1,200 data points across each individual lease in real time, giving you deep insights into your leasing operations and providing your with instant lease abstracts.

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Multiply your ROI with direct integrations

LeasePilot’s API integrates with software on both sides of the leasing workflow. You can pass the deal data from VTS, Salesforce, and other CRMs directly into the lease to pre-populate all the deal terms when the first draft is generated. Once the lease is signed, you can push all the crucial data from the lease directly into accounting and ERP software like MRI or Microsoft Dynamics.

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Faster leasing, faster revenue.

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Our team is built like yours

LeasePilot’s commercial real estate roots run deep. The company was founded by former CRE attorneys. Our Customer Success team, led by a former real estate GC, is staffed exclusively by real estate attorneys and senior paralegals. In short, we know the challenges you face, and we’re prepared to face them with you.

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Accelerating the commercial leasing process generates better outcomes for owners, tenants, and the bottom line.

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