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See how easy drafting can be

Watch as LeasePilot Co-founder and CEO Gabriel Safar walks you through a realistic commercial lease drafting workflow with LeasePilot automation.

Part 1: First drafts, comparisons, and document sharing

Part 2: Import Tenant Redlines & Accept/Reject Changes

Here’s what you’ll see in Part 2:

  • Bring the tenant’s redlined MS Word document back into LeasePilot
  • Side-by-side view of the clean draft next to the tenant’s changes
  • Accepting, rejecting, or otherwise modifying the clean copy of the lease to incorporate the tenant’s requests where reasonable
  • Insertion of a guaranty as a result of new information about the tenant’s organizational structure.

Who uses LeasePilot?

A few of the companies accelerating their commercial leasing process with LeasePilot.

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