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Use LeasePilot to generate a perfectly-formatted, error-free first draft of a commercial lease in minutes using your own forms and language. Context-aware automation makes managing the revisions and redlines that follow quick and easy. Best of all, LeasePilot will deliver a signed lease in a fraction of the time it takes you today, while letting your legal team keep their eyes on the big picture and focus on what is most important.
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Easy to use for commercial lease drafting and revision.

LeasePilot’s easy-to-use interface combines simple data entry with MS Word-like text editing features. Quick and easy first draft generation is only the start of its capabilities. LeasePilot also makes it easy to manage revisions. Make a change in your lease, and LeasePilot automatically updates every spot in the document that also needs to reflect the change. Included sharing features make redline management easy.

Saves time in more ways than one.

LeasePilot software is easy to use for lawyers and non-lawyers alike. Empower administrative staff to generate drafts and implement negotiated changes, while giving lawyers time back in their day to focus on what is most important.

A key part of your end-to-end leasing stack.

LeasePilot integrates easily with other key tools in your system. That’s because LeasePilot’s drafting and revision process is based on data, not text. When you integrate LeasePilot with your real estate CRM tool, you’ll be able to generate drafts directly from the deal terms you already have in your system. And when you integrate with an ERP like MRI, you’ll be able to record your signed deal without generating an abstract or re-keying a thing.

LeasePilot generates generate better outcomes for owners, tenants, and the bottom line.

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