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The right tool for the job.

LeasePilot is the first and only software platform engineered exclusively for commercial leasing. Our lease-drafting software is built on a smart, context-aware database framework designed to manage the complex, interdependent terms in a commercial lease from first draft to last.

Smart, responsive, and contextually aware

Contextual awareness is the fundamental idea behind everything LeasePilot does. Your leases are full of dependencies. Traditionally, the job of keeping track of those dependencies has fallen on the user. LeasePilot software is built to track every dependency in your lease and adjust dynamically as the language and details in the lease change. We call this “context-aware automation.”

Your forms. Your Language.

You don’t have to sacrifice the integrity of your forms and option language when you use LeasePilot. During the implementation process, LeasePilot’s team of real estate lawyers and senior paralegals bring all of your existing language, asset information, and formatting standards onto the platform.

Lightning-fast drafts

Get first drafts out the door within hours of a signed LOI. LeasePilot’s automation tools give lawyers, paralegals, and leasing admins the power to generate an error-free first draft in about 30 minutes. Not fast enough? LeasePilot integrates with the industry’s most popular CRM platforms so that when you create a new lease, all the details of a specific deal imported automatically. When you need complete granular control, LeasePilot’s text-editing features give users all the text-editing ability of a traditional word processor.

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Painless revisions

Whether you’re creating a first draft or the final, signature-ready lease, LeasePilot brings powerful drafting tools to every iteration of the document. With Version Control, you can upload the tenant’s redlined document to review their edits and accept or reject changes. Built-in document comparison features give you the ability to run a comparisons of the current lease against earlier versions or the base form. When it’s time to share the lease outside the LeasePilot platform, you can export to a perfectly-formatted PDF or MS Word document.

Instant Abstracts

When a lease is drafted, revised, and finalized in LeasePilot, generating an abstract becomes a trivial task. How? You guessed it: Context-aware automation. Because LeasePilot knows the status of every part of your lease at any given time, generating an abstract is as simple as a mouse click.

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Plays well with others

LeasePilot’s API integrates with software on both sides of the leasing workflow. You can pass the deal data from VTS, Salesforce, and other CRMs directly into the lease to pre-populate all the deal terms when the first draft is generated. Once the lease is signed, you can push all the crucial data from the lease directly into accounting and ERP software like MRI or Microsoft Dynamics.