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The Role of Empathy in Legal Tech

When we think of technology, empathy is not something that often comes to mind. But as we’ve all come to learn, COVID-19 changes everything. The pandemic has drastically increased the rate in which people are adopting technology and now, empathy in tech is more important than ever. Lawyers and legal professionals who have historically hesitated to adopt technology in the past are now being forced to make the transition quicker than ever in today’s new reality. 

With the use of automated tools and processes, there is a perception that people are being replaced by technology. But, the legal profession was built on people, and empathy is a vital component for the profession of law to function. If legal technology is going to be successful, people, and most certainly empathy, must be involved. 

Empathy Builds Trust

Empathy builds trust; it creates an experience that is based on more than just a transaction. Empathy is the foundation needed for anything to work – including legal tech solutions. 

Integrating empathy means absorbing a true understanding of the user’s needs and building technology around them. The result should be meaningful, meet market demands, and allow legal professionals to perform their work with ease. 

How LeasePilot’s Technology was Built on Empathy

Tech companies don’t have to lack authenticity. 

LeasePilot’s commercial real estate roots run deep – The company was founded by former CRE attorneys. The Customer Success team, led by a former real estate general counsel, is staffed exclusively by real estate attorneys and senior paralegals. In short, LeasePilot knows the challenges you face, and is prepared to face them with you.

“Legal tech cannot be successful without true empathy for its users. Period. Legal professionals are trained to be highly skeptical and may therefore be more reluctant to adopt legal tech than most others, despite the value the tech may bring. The ability to authentically and intelligently overcome that reluctance will result from a development and delivery process that truly understands their needs and visibly demonstrates the value that legal tech can bring to their daily professional lives.”

Nadine Ezzie

Unlike other real estate tools, LeasePilot’s technology was designed with lawyers in mind. “Most technology is created by engineers and people that have an understanding of some big benefit or the generic concept of efficiency. But the tools that are being created actually make the end-user’s life harder,” Gabriel Safar said. 

Empathy in Action 

Imagine getting a deal done in 10 days that used to take 90. Printing automated abstracts rather than spending countless hours summarizing deal terms. Never re-keying the same information into multiple systems. Generating transactional reports for lenders, investors, and buyers rather than have lawyers read and re-read the underlying leases ad nauseum. 

Because LeasePilot streamlines the entire process, both attorneys and non-attorneys can focus on what they do best and everyone wins. 

Ultimately, the impact is radically more efficient markets that free up a massive amount of wasted human potential so it can be re-directed toward pursuing more meaningful objectives. 

That is the role that empathy plays in technology. 

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