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We’re growing! Nadine Ezzie joins us as the Director of Customer Success. Formerly General Counsel to one of Cleveland’s largest privately held commercial real estate owners and developers, Nadine brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the LeasePIlot team. Here’s a quick introduction:

What do you do at LeasePilot?

As Director of Customer Success, I’m responsible for ensuring our customers’ experience using LeasePilot is, as my title suggests, a success. We’re inviting folks to trust us; to transition from a process they’ve been using for a long time to a better—albeit different—process. It’s my job to ensure that new customers make that transition as smooth and seamless as possible.

As the former General Counsel of a commercial real estate company, I have specialized insight into not only how a lease functions, but also what our customers need, what they want, and what they may struggle with in transitioning to a new product. Not that long ago, I was sitting in their seat and I share their point of view and perspective. It’s my job to make certain onboarding is a success, that they become comfortable and successful in using LeasePilot, that any questions or problems are handled quickly and efficiently, and to constantly think of ways to make the process better.

What were you doing before joining LeasePilot?

Most recently I was General Counsel of a commercial real estate company in Cleveland, Ohio where I focused on leasing, acquisitions, and financings. Before that, I worked as Deputy General Counsel of a company specializing in VoIP communications. I always preferred working in-house with corporations as opposed to being outside counsel as I wanted to be closer and more involved with strategizing and the day-to-day operations of a company.

Was the transition away from law something you’ve been considering for a while? How did you end up at LeasePilot?

It was. It started out as a slight bug that I kept ignoring but it grew until I could no longer ignore it and I had to do something about it. Being in-house counsel of a company, you’re exposed to its daily operations. You see how things tick, how ideas are born, how they’re tested, re-tested, etc. I love practicing commercial real estate law but was ready to use those skills in a new environment with new challenges; challenges that provide the ability to learn new skills.

The story of how I ended up at LeasePilot is a rather interesting one. I knew I wanted to make the transition away from my role as in-house counsel, but I didn’t really know where to begin and I hadn’t really started the process of actively looking for something new. My first encounter with LeasePilot was when they reached out to me to sell me the product! After seeing a demo, I immediately knew LeasePilot was going to change the industry. I had to be a part of it. In typical Nadine fashion, I took it one step further; I responded to the job posting for Director of Customer Success and the rest, as they say, is history.

As an expert in the commercial real estate field, what would you say are the top three things in the industry that are ripe for improvement?

  1. More women in senior positions
  2. The use of technology to streamline slow/archaic processes
  3. Increased deal transparency.

What’s the most unexpected thing about your new role so far?

I tried my best to come into this role with little to no expectations which can be challenging for an attorney. The biggest surprise so far is how much I love working on the product development side; specifically, learning our “code” and how it makes LeasePilot work. I’m exposed to sequences I never could have imagined yet somehow, it’s starting to make sense to me. That ability to see something entirely new and actually process and understand it is something I continually strive for; constant and never-ending education.

If you hadn’t started out in law and instead pursued another field, what do you think you’d be doing now?

I studied Finance and Investment Management in college and so briefly had my eyes on Wall Street. I imagine I would have started on Wall Street but quickly become disenfranchised with the environment and gone in a different direction; where, who knows. That’s the beauty of all this, life will go wherever you want it to as long as you’re willing to take the chance. Last month, I was a practicing attorney. Today, I’m helping build a software for the real estate industry from the ground up.

What do you hope to cross off your bucket list over the next 5 years?

If I’m being honest, I’d like to become COO of a company, become a mother, and live abroad at some point. Friends always tell me I should run for political office and I would be lying if I said that wasn’t in the back of my mind as well. And oh yeah, stand-up comedy. Definitely stand-up comedy.

If you were writing a memoir, what would the working title be?

“I’m not gonna lie..” I’m known for my brutal honesty coupled with sarcasm. You know it’s coming if I start a line with “I’m not gonna lie…”

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