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July 1st marked a major milestone for the LeasePilot crew: after 14 months based in WeWork @ St. James, we’ve got new digs! Our new home is on the 29th floor of the Prudential Tower, one of the most iconic buildings in Boston. We’re still settling in and setting up, but we’ve finally got some room to stretch our legs and grow.

We’re real estate people aiming to change our industry, so naturally when we went hunting for office space, we hoped to find a landlord that shared our values. Enter: Boston Properties & their Flex initiative. Flex fills a much-needed gap for established startups and fast-growing companies looking for something more permanent than WeWork and other co-working spaces, but still need the flexibility to be able to change and expand their space as they grow.

Still lots of setting up to do, but we’re up and running in the Pru!

For us, it’s perfect: Standing desks and chairs are provided, internet is included, and the walls are whiteboards (literally—every interior wall is fitted with floor-to-ceiling whiteboards). We have room to grow and one hell of a view. 

Oh, and the most important part of the whole deal: all-you-can drink nitro cold brew. There’s regular cold brew and iced tea as well, but it’s the nitro brew that has us enraptured (and caffeinated).

Nope, not Guiness. It’s coffee.

The verdict 

We love it here. Kudos to Boston Properties for a great idea and an exemplary execution. The Flex concept blazes a new trail in office real estate, and we’re thrilled to be part of it.

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