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The Best Commercial Real Estate Podcasts Worth Your Time

Kelly Barrett

Marketing Associate | LeasePilot

In today’s ever-changing market, staying up-to-date with the commercial real estate industry can be quite the challenge. While traditional media does a great job of covering the CRE industry, many of us can agree that podcasts are the best way to consume news while on the go. 

To save time and remain in-the-know, you’ll find an excess of commercial real estate podcasts that cover everything from updates on the latest technology to market trends in CRE investing — and everything in between. Whether you listen during your commute, while working out, or in- between meetings, podcasts are an easy way to gain valuable insight into the world of commercial real estate.

Here are our top picks for the best commercial real estate podcasts: 

America’s Commercial Real Estate Show

Michael Bull, Founder of Bull Realty, hosts this weekly podcast that has been broadcasting for nearly a decade. The podcast focuses on motivating real estate brokers, investors, leasing agents, and other professionals to increase their income and gain new insights into the world of CRE sales and investments. Michael picks guests ranging from economists, analysts and industry leaders who join him to share market intelligence, forecasts and strategies related to chosen weekly topics. The Commercial Real Estate Show consistently ranks as one of the best commercial real estate podcasts on the market.

The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show

As one of the longest-running commercial real estate podcasts, The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show definitely lands a spot on our list. Robert Helms, a professional investor, and Russell Gray, a financial strategist cover a wide-range of commercial real estate topics in a fun and engaging way. They combine their decades of expertise with wit and energy to produce a dynamic podcast that appeals to commercial real estate professionals worldwide. Their content often focuses on investment strategies and market trends, all of which are invaluable data to both brokers and agents.

Office Politics: The Battle For The Future Of Work with Bisnow

Bisnow’s five-part podcast series takes a deep dive into the new future of living with Covid. The show includes commentary from industry experts, business owners, and employees who examine questions on topics like equality, office relationships, climate change, and the evolution of cities.

New York Times The Daily

For most CRE professionals, finding time to catch up on news can be nearly impossible. This is where the New York Times Daily podcast comes in handy. Each Monday through Friday, this podcast drops 20-minute segments dedicated to breaking down the day’s most important news. This outlet is guaranteed to keep you up to date on what’s going on in the world and how it might affect the commercial real estate market.

The Propcast 

The Propcast, by Louisa Dickins, Co-founder of LMRE the leading Global PropTech recruitment Consultancy and CREtech and REIMtech is another great addition to our list. The aim of this show is to introduce exciting global PropTech innovators and discuss how their work has created a shift in focus when it comes to digitising the built environment. If you are interested in finding out more about Proptech or are keen to know who the big players are that are moving and shaking the CRE industry, this is the podcast for you.

Retail Retold 

The Retail Retold Podcast highlights community retailers’ stories across the country and gives a behind the scenes look at leaders in the commercial real estate industry. The podcast is led by Chris Ressa, an established industry influencer, recognized as one of Chain Store Age magazine’s 10 Under 40: Rising Stars of Retail Real Estate list, the show’s episodes contain valuable insights to help solve real estate needs for entrepreneurs and national retailers.

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