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We’re less than halfway through 2017 and it’s already been a jam-packed year for the retail industry!  Keeping up with everything can be a daunting task.  Especially for real estate professionals who have limited time to come up for air when bouncing from deal to deal, let alone peruse the internet.  LeasePilot is here to help.

From big box stores closing down or downsizing, to the implementation of new technology (both for real estate companies and retailers), to the reinvention of pop-up stores, it’s certainly not a boring time to be working for a retail real estate company.  There are so many relevant topics to explore that impact both day-to-day operations and big picture strategic decision-making.

Has there ever been a better time to redevelop shopping centers?  Is losing a big anchor tenant really a blessing in disguise?  Is it possible that brick-and-mortar stores actually are more profitable than their online counterparts? Is food the key to great retail properties?  What’s coming next in the industry?  These are some of the hottest and top trending questions in the retail industry right now, and we’ve pulled together the top 5 articles (in no particular order) from the past month that address these very topics.

  1. Shopping Center REITs Build Value through Redevelopments (National Real Estate Investor)
  2. Landlords are Re-Leasing Sluggish Department Store Spaces at Four Times the Rent (BisNow)
  3. Tracking Profitability: Brick-and-Mortar Stores on Top (Regency Centers Blog)
  4. Hip Restaurants are Attracting Millennials to Struggling Centers (Bisnow)
  5. Retail Redefined: What’s next for retailers? (Midwest Real Estate News)

Now you have the tools to start leading the conversations around the water cooler instead of being a silent bystander.  Make sure to follow LeasePilot on LinkedIn so you don’t miss any of the news and updates that we regularly post.  Before you go, please let us know your opinions on the biggest retail trends of 2017 by clicking here.

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