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Integrating VTS with LeasePilot removes the roadblocks and inefficiencies in commercial lease drafting and revision, dramatically reducing time to close. Here’s how it works:

  • 1. Import

LeasePilot users can view all of the finalized deals in their VTS database when they begin creating a new LOI or lease. Data from the deal they select is imported directly from VTS, pre-populating the new document with all of the deal-specific information.

  • 2. Draft

For the details that VTS doesn’t capture, LeasePilot’s automation tools give lawyers, paralegals, and leasing admins the power to generate an error-free lease in as little as 15 minutes—all while using your existing forms, option language, and formatting standards.

  • 3. Revise & Export

Context-aware automation makes managing revisions as easy as generating first drafts. As you add, remove, or edit language and terms, the lease adjusts intelligently based on the changes you make. When it’s time to share the lease outside the LeasePilot platform, you can export to a perfectly-formatted PDF or Word document.

  • 4. Abstract

When a lease is drafted, revised, and finalized in LeasePilot, abstracting becomes a trivial task. Because LeasePilot monitors every detail of your lease in realtime, generating an abstract is as simple as a mouse click.

See it in Action

Join LeasePilot’s CTO Itzik Spitzen and VTS’ Director of Strategic Partnerships Joe Moskowitz to see how a typical LeasePilot + VTS integration works. You’ll see how data from a finalized VTS deal is automatically imported when a new lease is generated and get a quick walkthrough of how quickly a draft is finalized in LeasePilot.

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