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Lease process automation:

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Making sense of lease process automation

The commercial leasing process has long been ripe for technological innovation, but until recently most of the industry was still operating in much the same way as it did 25 years ago. The influx of investment in the CRE tech space has brought a veritable explosion of software-based automation solutions built to streamline leasing workflows. And while this new and expanding marketplace for software-based solutions is long-overdue, it’s brought a fair share of growing pains as the industry scrambles to make sense of how best to evaluate and implement these new tools into legacy workflows.

Unsurprisingly, this was a major topic at Realcomm (the industry’s largest and most influential technology-focused annual conference) and the subject of a panel discussion with some of the industry’s most innovative executives.

Our team was in attendance, and we’ve put together an extensive recap of the discussion and distilled the important takeaways.

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