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How Legal Teams Can Be a Strategic Partner to the Business 

The role of a general counsel is rapidly changing in today’s world. A part of that change is a mutual desire for a GC to be considered a trusted advisor. Many GCs want to function as a strategic partner to the business rather than a legal function alone. For GC’s looking to make this transition, it is important to take initiative and focus on how you can become a dynamic resource to the broader business. 

Becoming a Strategic Partner

Establishing Relationships with Stakeholders 

It is important to close the gap between the legal department and other departments in the business. To do this, you need to establish relationships with the key stakeholders of these departments. These stakeholders can provide you with the information needed to thrive in your position. 

Understand Every Department 

Becoming strategic means you need to gather a deep understanding of how other departments operate. You should take the time to understand their leadership, what pressures they are facing, and the projects they are currently working on. Having a good read on upcoming initiatives is crucial. This allows you to think ahead and identify potential legal concerns on the horizon. 

Get Involved  

It is important to become as involved as possible from the get-go. This allows you to identify opportunities while protecting the growth of your company. You’re able to have foresight of timelines and manage expectations, reducing the likelihood of being seen as a blocker to accelerating business growth. 

Unlocking Value  

Little tasks get in the way of accomplishing big tasks and most in-house lawyers have quite the range to cover. 

At LeasePilot, we’re helping legal teams streamline their processes so both attorneys and non attorneys can focus on accelerating business strategically. This means printing automated abstracts rather than spending countless hours summarizing deal terms. Never re-keying the same information into multiple systems. Generating transactional reports for lenders, investors, and buyers rather than have lawyers read and re-read the underlying leases ad nauseum. 

Ultimately, the impact is radically more efficient legal teams that free up a massive amount of wasted human potential so it can be re-directed toward pursuing more meaningful objectives.

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